Eastbourne Lettings aims to provide the highest standard of service to all landlords and tenants, but to ensure that your interests are safeguarded we offer the following:

If you believe you have a grievance, please write in the first instance to Miss Sally Mooney at the address below:

Eastbourne Lettings
22 Church Street
BN21 1HS

The grievance will be acknowledge immediately, investigated thoroughly in accordance with established ‘in-house’ procedures and a reply sent to the complainant within seven working days of receipt of the letter.

If the complainant is dissatisfied with the result of the internal investigation, please contact Mr Christopher Mooney, Director of Eastbourne Lettings.

The grievance will be investigated by Mr Mooney and a reply sent to the complainant within 14 working days.

If we fail to address or resolve the issues within an eight-week period then you contact The Property Ombudsman. If both parties agree or the issue is deadlocked the complaint can be taken directly to The Property Ombudsman at any time in the eight week period.

Contact Details of The Property Ombudsman:
Milford House
43 45 Milford Street
Telephone number 01722 333306
E mail admin@tpos.co.uk
Website www.tpos.co.uk